Gary O'Brien

A Principal Consultant with 20 years experience in ICT and a diverse background as an IT Business Strategist and People Manager. I specialise in helping executives, teams and individuals to adopt and improve Agile methods, principles and practice. Using a strong emphasis on facilitating organizational change, and the role of management and leadership in an Agile world. As an Agile Coach I look to help teams adapt Agile and Lean thinking to their specific environment and impediments they face. Experience includes working with CIO’s and senior leaders to create and execute a vision and strategy for and adopting Agile as an enterprise approach to improving outcomes for delivering customer value and optimising IT.
Gary O'Brien has written 15 posts for Agile By Culture

Showcase at Scale – “The Trade-show”

As we scaled Agile in a large enterprise one of the issues that we hit was the impact in many peoples diaries from an increase in showcases. Sure showcases are not necessarily for the masses and should not be impacting everyone but thats not how it plays out at scale. Scaled models invariably are made … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Starts

An interesting phenomenon I have noticed is how an enterprise gathers itself once a ‘project’ gets under way. As soon as a team is brought together and build is in the air vultures start circling as reports are asked for, milestones and commitments become the order of the day and a heightened expectation of knowledge … Continue reading

Sharing my Toyota epiphany

With thanks to David Joyce for sharing an article today Learning to lead Toyota … All my perceived learnings and value of the Toyota story have just been thrown up in the air. Not to say the what I knew was not of value and the lessons no longer valid, but I now realise the … Continue reading

Trust – The Anchor of Agile at Scale

Agile at scale, expanding Agile delivery teams out to the wider enterprise as a ‘way of working’, a mindset, establishing Agile principles and practices as THE way of delivering value to the customer. (read Agile as the broader context of all the various flavours and movements, used fit for purpose) Scaling Agile requires great leadership, … Continue reading

Kicking off with a Learning Journey

My hypothesis is this; Agile at the project level is a focused set of principles and practices defined by movements like XP, Scrum and Lean. When adopting Agile at scale we take teams through a learning journey to teach them these practices and guide them to learn the principles under which they are applied. As … Continue reading